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People from abroad often tell us that Dutch people are direct. This new online platform however, is not about our culture, it is a new business model of the Primus Wafer Paper company. Primus is a privately owned Dutch company active in wafer paper since 1916.

Primus is the global market leader in wafer paper production. From our factory in Oostzaan we distribute our products to more than 40 countries. The PRIMUS.DIRECT business model is developed to serve customers that cannot be served by Primus Wafer Paper directly.

The webshop of PRIMUS.DIRECT is dedicated to fast delivery of small quantities of edible products. In the first phase we will deliver only in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. We are currently working on an online editor where our customers can upload their own logo and design a customized label. In the future we may expand our shipping to other countries. Please send us an email if you have any questions about the products, shipment and customization. We value your feedback and welcome any comments you may have.


Wafer paper

What is wafer paper?

Wafer paper is a starch based material made from corn, potato or rice. It is a stiff and slightly transparant material available in different qualities, from 0,22 mm up to 0,90 mm in thickness. Wafer paper is heat stable, also in the oven, you can bake it along with the dough. It has a bland taste and can be used both for sweet as savoury applications. Primus 100% potato sheets are a great medium for printing as it rapidly absorbs edible ink and is flexible enough to bend through your printing device without breaking.

What makes Primus wafer paper so unique?

Primus’ wafer paper is globally known for its versatility and flexibility. Primus its unique rolldrying technology has enabled us since 1916 to provide our product on rolls which is ideal for industrial production lines of nougat, cocos macroos, fruit & cereal bars and many more categories.

What are the ingredients of wafer paper?

Potato starch, water and vegetable oil (sunflower, olive). We print with natural, edible colors like cocao and red beets.

Is wafer paper sugar free?

Yes, wafer paper is completely sugar free. We do not add any sugar in the wafer paper production and all ingredients are 100% sugar free. We at Primus find it important to keep it this way.

How does wafer paper taste?

It has a bland, neutral taste that does not influence the taste of the carrier product. It melts in your mouth.

What are the applications for wafer paper?

We distinguish the usage of wafer paper into four categories: edible labels, decoration, confectionary and printables. Edible labels are traditionally used for bread (wheat, rye, organic, sourdough, multi-grain bread, farmhouse, wholemeal etc). but can also be used for pates, pies, meat, fish and fruits. Decoration wafer are printed and formed to give an appealing edge to cakes, pies and more. From a distance it is hard to see that that these flowers or butterflies are actually wafer products. Confectionary wafer products are colored and printed sheets that are both tasty and fun to use. Moreover, they are a sustainable hit in the candy category since they are sugarfree and versatile. Printables are our A4 wafer sheets that are the preferred choice for edible printing devices. We provide them with 25 sheets per pack in two qualities; our single sheets (0,27 mm thick) and our double sheets (0,60 mm thick).

What is the difference between sugar paper and wafer paper?

Wafer paper is 100% sugar free. Compared to sugar sheets, wafer paper is more reliable for holding its shape or standing upright. It works better in extreme humid and dry conditions. As important, wafer paper is a much more cost-effective solution than icing sheets. This while wafer paper can be stored at ambient temperatures with a shelf life of 2 years. On the flipside, images that are printed on sugar sheets look a bit more vibrant and it is a convenient solution for cake decoration.

Which wafer qualities does Primus offer?

Primus offers both single sheets as double sheets. Single sheets are 0,22 - 0,35 thick while double sheets are 0,6 mm thick. We offer them with and without striped pattern (see pictures). With these qualities we are able to provide them in sheets, rounds and rolls. Via PRIMUS.DIRECT we provide a selected assortment. For other products that are not available online you can contact Primus Wafer Paper.

Edible labels

Since when are edible labels used?

To comply with the statutory regulations and legislation bakeries had no choice but to apply various printed labels to all their loaves. In order to assure tracibility, wafer labels where the ideal solution to separate product batches with similar appearance but different qualities. Only many years later, organic bakers realized that labels are an ideal solution for personal branding. They were soon joined by confectioners, pâtissiers as well as butchers.

How to use edible labels?

  1. Press the labels firmly on the dough. The doughs should not be too dry, otherwise the labels don’t stick. Please moisten the labels briefly, but be careful not to overdo this.
  2. Put the labels on the inside of a baking box. The label will combines with the dough and forms a unit with the bread, the label being more stable on the final product.
  3. Press labels on the bread just before shooting. In case you cut the loaves, you can also insert the labels in the cut, because these stick better there.
  4. Put the labels on the warm loaves. Since the labels are not baked here, their bright color is preserved and thus clearly visible on the final product. For shiny breads where steam is used.

Printed products

What is the best kind of logo I should upload?

The best kind of logo has a round shape, is in black or another dark colour and is outlined. In this way the ink coverage will be small which prevents the label from warping. Your logo will stand out really well on the product and will be printed in it’s most optimal size. Also, the smaller the ink coverage the more appetizing the label looks!

Can I upload a square or rectangular logo?

Yes, you can upload a square or rectangular logo. Although a round logo is the best shape, you can upload whatever size you want. Note that the more rectangular your logo is, the smaller it will be printed. This is due to the small amount of space available on a round product. You can see how your logo will be positioned on the label in the preview screen of the configurator.

What’s the minimum logo size I should upload in the configurator?

The minimum size of your logo should be 400x400 pixels to assure good print quality. Preferably you upload a bigger image. The bigger, the better!

Can I upload a coloured logo?

Yes, you can upload whatever colour logo you want. These colours will also be printed on the label. Note that food printing is different then paper printing. It is possible that some colour loss occurs. Don’t use light colours if possible. Your logo will not stand out enough against a white background. We advise you upload a black and white logo to assure legibility.

Does wafer paper influence the print quality?

Yes, wafer paper has a spungy characteristic when printed on. This causes the ink to behave a bit different then on regular paper. But we’ve found a way to print on wafer paper with minimal quality loss. Beware of small graphical elements or texts in your logo design. Quality loss will be visible on small elements first.

Can I use texts in my logo?

You can, but preferebly don’t use any subtexts or slogans in your logo. The risk of small or illegible text is higher this way. Of course your company name is no problem at all but try to make texts in your logo as big as possible or divide the company name over multiple text lines.

Why is there a cutting margin?

We use a cutting margin so that your logo won’t be cropped when cutting the end-product. The cutting margin is approximately 7mm all around. Because of this margin it is possible that your logo will be printed slightly off-centered on the label. We correct any offset as good as we can manually so you get the optimal result.

Will my logo be exactly centered on the product?

We use a cutting margin so that your logo won’t be cropped when cutting the end-product. The cutting margin is approximately 7mm all around. Because of this margin it is possible that your logo will be printed slightly off-centered on the label. We correct any offset as good as we can manually so you get the optimal result.

Is the printed ink edible?

Yes, the ink we use is a natural product and can be consumed.

What kind of file types can I upload?

You can upload the following file types in our configurator: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif or .bmp.

Can I upload a .pdf file in the configurator?

No, at this time we don’t support .pdf file types.

Can I add text only in the configurator?

Yes, you can choose the text only lay-out in the configurator and add text from there.

Can I customize the text I want to print on the product?

Yes, you can choose text styles, weights and colours. You can also make text bigger or smaller and add multiple text lines.


How can I make a payment?

PRIMUS.DIRECT requires orders to be prepaid by wire transfer. Within the ordering process payment instructions are included. The payment can be completed with iDEAL or Mister Cash. The wire transfer payment can also be processed directly with your bank. Please make sure to quote the order number (from our order confirmation e-mail) and wire your payment to the following address:

IBAN (International Bank Account Number): NL47 ABNA 0503 0567 22
Beneficiary: Primus Wafer Paper B.V., Oostzaan, the Netherlands

How can I track my package?

When PRIMUS.DIRECT ships your order, we will send you a tracking number by email. With this number you can track your package by entering it on the web site of the delivery company or by clicking the link in the email. It is possible that the tracking information is not immediately visible. Depending on when the delivery company picks up the package at PRIMUS.DIRECT, the tracking number may not be entered into their system until the next business day.

Is it possible to return products?

It is not possible to return products or cancel your order, unless PRIMUS.DIRECT provided explicit permission to do so.

What can I do when the products have deficiencies?

When you discovered any deficiencies of the products you must contact PRIMUS.DIRECT. Visible deficiencies need to be reported to PRIMUS.DIRECT by email within 3 days of goods receipt. Invisible deficiencies need to be reported to PRIMUS.DIRECT by email within 30 days of goods receipt. After receiving your email, PRIMUS.DIRECT will look into the deficiencies and notify you about how to proceed.

Why is the shipping fee higher in the checkout?

VAT on shipping fee is calculated separately from the products. The VAT is 6%.

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